Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Pose Pack by my Cousin

Hii I haven't been doing some poses but here's one of my cousin's. I'm going to post on her behalf because she's still away. I, personally, like them. I've been using them until now. They're very fashionable. ^_^
Use these well!

I have no time to post the codes so just please figure them out on your own :P Please download and comment!! (:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FB Requested Poses

Heey it's my second pose paaack! :D I recently had some requests from my FB friends and I decided to just compile them all in one pack. I'm actually proud of this one. It's actually awesome for me LOOL.. :P Okay so here are the pics.

Pose Codes:

Thanks for visiting meh page and I hope you'll download them!! ^-^ Enjoooy!

Credits: Hair by Cazy; Dress by Ace Creators; Socks and Boots by Simsimay @TSR

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hipsters R Us Pose Pack

Hi! Since it's my first time, I gotta make a good impression. o.e

I posted this first in my FB page then decided to make a blog because I couldn't resist my crush >.<
Anyway, here it is! It's my FIRST-EVER pose pack so please don't say harsh things. :P

Pose code names (in order of pictures):

I'm so sorry the codes aren't in order of like, numbers following larger numbers, I just made poses before and after them. xP They are on the list and, should I add a non-list package? Enjoy! ^-^